Nasco Unico is a project whose center are the made-to-order blazers designed by Andrea Francardo. The unique essence of the brand is grounded on the refinement of every detail, every color and every design chosen: an experience of slow-luxury. From a wide collection of fabrics, each client can choose the one she loves. From the choice of the material, a slow and deep experience begins, something that can be felt only during the conception of the garment. Ancient buttons, passementerie, precious labels, colorful ribbons and refined linings: the objective is to branch off the fast and standard fashion industry.

Nasco Unico creates a unique Made in Italy, with original styles and high quality designs. An ongoing research on education, sustainability, grace, refinement and uniqueness. Andrea Francardo chose to focus his collection on the Blazer, a distinctive and iconic product. This garment has made the history of Fashion and therefore it owns a great personality. Being timeless and and classic, it lasts through the years and trends. Nasco Unico is an open book of fabrics: silks, precious Jacquards, cottons… In their workshop you will find them hanging on brass hooks, all different from each other. With this unique fabrics each client can create a customized jacket. Every time a fabric is cut to realize a garment, nothing is wasted: this brand from Turin is in fact very active on the sustainability cause. They always try to waste as little as possible, using as well high quality materials in their “second” lifecycle, which would have been otherwise thrown away.

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