Altalen was born in Milan in 2012 from the idea of the hat designer Antonina Nafì De Luca and the style consultant Elena Todros. A hats workshop and atelier with an open laboratory, where unique handmade pieces are realized. Artisan creations, defined by original designs, for a chic yet fun finish. The research of shapes and materials never ends, while the inspiration comes from movies, plays and shows. Don’t miss this address if you are passionate about hats and turbans, exclusive pieces entirely handmade.

At Altalen’s, these hats, unique pieces, crafted with great care and passion, using precious materials coming from all over the world, take over the time in a fantastic and dreamlike atmosphere. Thanks to the application of the most sophisticated artisan techniques and the attitude towards experimentation, this creative workshop aspires to become the excellence of headgear, the fashion accessory which makes the difference. Discover beautiful capsule collection of hats and turbans crafted by Altalen exclusively online at



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