Uncovering the artisanal treasures of Italy. The Dressing Screen’s brand ambassador, Helen Nonini, a fashion icon in her own right who embodies all the traditional elegance and creative energy this country has to offer, has embarked on a privileged journey through the cultural heartlands of Italy, in search of the perfect wardrobe.

A tour through the most majestic cities in Italy, as well as the world — Turin, Milan, Venice, Bologna, Florence and Rome, Nonini’s travels highlight the impeccable quality of Italian fashions and accessories made at the hands of experienced artisans, who perpetuate Italy’s image as a purveyor of luxury.  Though the landscapes and the architecture change from city to city, the dressing screen, a symbol from which our name is derived, is a common link throughout our story and serves to remind our customers about the beauty of changing ones look, relishing in fashion as an art form.

Documenting this unique voyage is fashion photographer Sandra Bourhani, while the art curation will be directed by Emanuela Ferrandi. From the cobblers, to the leather-goods makers to the lavish ateliers that preserve this nation’s ancient traditions, Nonini will take you on an Italian getaway like no other.  Now, nothing is standing between you and Italy’s masterpieces.

Behind The Dressing Screen with H. is a project supporting the Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri through the donation of 5% of sales. Support now this initiative lasting for the full course of the project.

Who is Helen Nonini?

Chapter 1: Majestic Milan

Chapter 2: The Treasure of Florence

Chapter 3 Venice: Discovering the wardrobe of the ancient nobles

Chapter 4: Florence, An Ancient Crossroads Between Fashion and Art

Chapter 5: Discovering Timeless Fashion in the Eternal City