Timeless style, iconic elegance, magnetic beauty. When TDS founders Stefania and Claudia met Helen Nonini, TDS Ambassador and protagonist of the Behind The Dressing Screen project – it really was a revelation.

Who is Helen? Milanese by adoption, an innate cosmopolitanshe is well-known  around the fashion capital as a Brand Advisor and Strategic Consultant for a various brands and players in the luxury world. Egyptian-born, Italian-bred, Helen began her career in the world of finance and made her foray into the luxury world after spending a year in India, where she worked for a social development project.

Upon her return, she became a top manger for global personal concierge firm Quintessentially, eventually carving out her own PR and events agency within advertising firm  Cayenne Italy, later stepping into the role as Senior Consultant of Interbrand Italia. During the same period, she published the first business novel “Professional Problem Solverand later collaborated with economist Robin Lent on the 2009 book Selling Luxury.

In 2015, she set out on her own and started H.edge, the Brand Consulting platform which curates and develops projects for firms and individuals in the fashion and design worlds. In 2018, with the support of vanguard fashion label Gucci, she embarked on a documentary film project. As Executive and Strategy Producer she co-produced “Be Kind,a critically-acclaimed film that explores physical and mental disability.

In 2017, Helen was tapped as a Brand Ambassador of Pomellato and has been featured in a series of ad campaigns that celebrates women and their affinity for fine jewellery. Admired for her own natural beauty, Helens style is derived from an inner-sense of class rather than logos. Distinguishable by her signature bespoke turbans, she never leaves home without a statement headpiece.  Convenience over excessis not only her motto, but its the cornerstone of her wardrobe. By day, she can be spotted speed-walking around town in moccasins (never laced!), Friulian slippers or flat sandals.  The blazer is my passepartout.’ I like to pair them with t-shirts, blouses and slacks (usually black or very colourful). Suits are not my thing. Friends identify me more with a classic navy striped shirt, which I own in all varieties of blue and in all types of stripes.  When approaching evening events, I look to enrich each outfit with glam details and/or a coat crafted with unique fabrics and exquisite colours. Even for events away from Milan, my look does not change. And I always travel with just a hand carry.

Helen’s curated approach to dressing renders her the ideal muse for The Dressing Screen, which is also committed to building a fashionable showcase, whilst researching the quality and tradition crafted into Italys artisanal masterpieces. Helen is not only a friend and supporter of new brands and young designers, she is also a promoter of charity campaigns. Through Helens collaboration, The Dressing Screen has committed to support her charity of choice by donating 5 percent of all revenues to the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research: for the duration of the Behind The Dressing Screen project.

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