Oscar Wilde once said “A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament”.

Sometimes uniqueness is derived from an alliance between different creative minds. In our first edition of TDS Incontri, a project through which The Dressing Screen unfurls new launches and collaborations created with cherished Italian realities, a new icon is born.

TDS Incontri Mantero 1902 Bluetiful Milano The Silkroad Tiara

This time, the protagonist is a unique accessory, resulting from the collaboration between Mantero 1902, leader in the creation and production of luxury silk fabrics, and Bluetiful Milano, a newly brand known for its Renaissance-style padded headband that has became quickly a trend. But the SilkRoad Tiara is not just a headband or a neckpiece, it’s a headdress and so much more.

The sweet spot between a headband and a scarf

 The Silkroad Tiara Mantero Bluetiful The Dressing Screen

“We immediately asked ourselves how can we work together? Within the collection, we had already started to create silk accessories for the head — visors, hats and headbands.  Collaborating with Bluetiful Milano only to customize their iconic headband with our printed fabric doesn’t seem to us enough ambitious and original” explained Francesca Tongiorgi, Brand Manager of Mantero 1902, reflecting on her first meeting with Marta and Martina, Bluetiful Milano’s co-founders. Between Mantero’s foulards and Bluetiful Milano’s headbands, the goal was clear. “Why don’t we try to imbue these iconic accessories and create something completely new?”

TDS Incontri The Silkroad Tiara Mantero Bluetiful

Martina and Marta mused. “We had already delved into the Mantero universe on a quest for alternative materials to compliment our classic velvet array. When Stefania, founder of The Dressing Screen, asked us to unite our expertise, we realized it was the right time. The fruit of our first brainstorming session was born on a torrentially rainy day and hence, the SilkRoad Tiara came to life!”

TDS Incontri Mantero Bluetiful The Silkroad Tiara

It’s not a coincidence that the name evokes the famous journey that brought Eastern treasures to the Western world — a homage to the renowned silks behind Mantero’s heritage. The SilkRoad Tiara evokes the charm of traditional Oriental headdresses.

A notably delicate accessory, it is held together by a long ribbon and dually completes the wardrobe as a headband and modern tiara, yet can also be worn as a necklace by knotting it in the back or with a large side bow…  There are infinite possibilities.

SilkRoad Tiara Mantero 1902 Bluetiful Milano Details

“We immediately understood the potential of this accessory, perfect for jeans and T-shirt-clad young girls. At the same time, it has the potential to be coveted by more mature women who are decisive in their style choices. The tiara is appropriate for a variety of settings and occasions: from the city to the countryside, as well as a getaway… The SilkRoadTiara is the finishing touch of any outfit.”

At the end of a tenous silk thread, lies a timeless accessory


To create an unforgettable keepsake, Mantero 1902 and Bluetiful Milano focused on a concept that unifies them: giving life to a contemporized evergreen classic. By creating an unprecedented harmony between scarves and headbands, two historical accessories merge, creating a brand new item to be chronicled in the pages of fashion history, and which in recent years, has been embraced by women around the world.

TDS Incontri Mantero Bluetiful SIlkroad Tiara

“This is why we have chosen to craft the first SilkRoad Tiara with archival prints — all part of our Iconic collection, rendering them unaffiliated with trends and seasonality.

Bluetiful Mantero Unique Pieces TDS Incontri

We have selected a country fantasy of flowers and fruit, which is popular among younger customers and vintage aficionados alike. The Japanese love this!” Francesca enthuses, as she showcases the iconic Mantero “Glass House” print, which is also available on the  SilkRoad Tiara in a variety of color variations: from ivory to pink and from sunny yellow to vivid red. “We are talking about two objects that have existed in fashion for years… and has suddenly evolved into something completely new.”

Mantero Bluetiful SIlkroad Tiara TDS Incontri Exclusive

Each model of The SilkRoad Tiara is unique and is in fact, different from the other, Martina and Marta underline, as they detail the fascinating styles and the fresh play on volume facilitated by a 70-centimeter-long ribbon that gingerly frames the face.

“Our goal was to create synergies between two different product concepts but with several commonalities. If the scarf often knots on the head, the headband can be colored and printed like a scarf. That’s how this innovative idea was born!”

Backed by the fashion-forward vision of a young reality like Bluetiful Milano and a historical one like Mantero, it was love at first sight for TDS, Stefania concludes, admitting that this project upholds the The Dressing Screen’s core values: “Brands who serve as torchbearers of Italian tradition are among those featured on our platform and regardless of their size or their revenues.  It’s important for us to protect the value of craftsmanship, in all its forms. It’s an ethos that finally took flight with Mantero 1902 and Bluetiful Milano with this SilkRoad Tiara: the first of many revolutionary projects that will arise from future collaborations of TDS Incontri.”

The SIlkRoad Tiara Bluetiful Milano Mantero 1902 Made In Italy

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