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A hand-made accessory, by definition is imperfect: an Anperfect hat is just this, with the sole ambition of being unique. Each of us is imperfect and what unites us is valuing our distinctive
characteristics. Anperfect, first and foremost, wants to convey a sense of acknowledgment and indulgence, of being oneself without conforming to pre-established beauty ideals. It’s distinctive thanks to its unique features. Precious, because it’s made with the highest quality materials in Italy. And its imperfect spelling reflects how it’s pronounced in Italian. It’s urban and cosmopolitan, something you can wear every day, without waiting for the right occasion. It’s sophisticated and unexpected: soft felts in natural shades are combined with unexpected details. It’s beautiful inside: every hat contains a world within. Silk, linen or cotton with borrowed textures from the world of interior design. It’s smart: it hides unruly hair and allows you to hide away under its wide brim … while you laugh to yourself.

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