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The inspiration of entire Laalouj collection comes from the desire to be able to wear an accessory with a real soul , created with love and with extraordinary handcraft skills, respecting the time necessary to realize something unique and special, far from everything is fast fashion and mass produced. No stress, no hurry but only love in creating. Today this is the real luxury, this is SLOW LUXE.  Each pair of Laalouj collection is completely handmade , the result of the extraordinary craftsmanship of moroccan women, a team of highly skilled artisans who with calm and passion , weave one by one the threads of raffia, following the ancient manufacturing tradition that is still alive in Morocco. A single pair of shoes can take between 2 to 3 days of construction , for this reason every piece is exquisitely unique and consequently also the quantity produced every season is limited, which makes every piece of this wonderful collection even more exclusive. These shoes are made entirely of natural materials , the soles in real leather give strenght and breathability while the interiors in real Italian nappa leather is enriched by soft reinforcements that make each pair so extremely comfortable. The models and the colors of Laalouj collection make every piece gorgeous for every outfit, the perfect accessory to make unique and special every look.

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