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Simone Rainer is a young designer from Alto Adige, living in Milan since long time. In 2011 he founded the brand wearing his name, creating unique bags characterised by a seductive and charming beauty. The collection was born from a creative thinking full of sensations, references and memories linked to Stromboli and its geometric shape overlooking the sea. The #1 triangular clutch, with its enigmatic and ancestral taste is the starting point of the entire collection and it is thought to be a special object which could embody the real essence of the island. Simone Rainer gains strength from the idea of combine two very different worlds, artisan leather traditions, with their history and craft, and the abstract world of geometry. A collection which develops through mathematical reasoning around the rules of proportions: the Golden Section. From here, the result is a real development of aesthetic and mathematical ratios, synonymous of beauty and perfection in the Western culture. The passion for geometric shapes such as triangles, pentagons and circles projects Simone Rainer’s creations into a unique sphere, highly oriented towards design.

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