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Traffico leads to movement, it is a flow, a ferment. Something we are used to and we can’t stay without.” The ambiguity behind this concept leads to a crossroads of influences, personalities and eras. In this case, turn to indicate a precise type of femininity. The ability to bring this concept into everyday life animates the character of this brand, destinated to design an indipendent and cultured woman, in search of a forgotten authenticity. Associating Traffico with femininity, the message itself expresses a close relationship with modernity, a reference to all that the figurative arts have produced to express throughout the ages, especially in Cinema. Voyeurism for female footwear in 20th century cinema is the heart of this project. Strength and eclecticism coexist in the name Traffico, but also a strong sense of irony and romance. These components are the basics codes for the shoe design. Nostalgia or excesses of celebrations leave room for an essentialism that this era strongly needs. The essence of Traffico consist precisely to find the balance into daily chaos.”

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