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Mantero 1902 is a family owned textile company founded in 1902, in Como, by Riccardo Mantero. For more than a century, Mantero 1902 has been the leader in the creation, production and distribution of men and women’s luxury textile fabrics and accessories. It has a craft history which has been handed down for four generations. The product’s creation is carried out entirely at the Como headquarters in Italy. Arts and professional skills coexist – design, weaving, traditional screen printing, digital printing, finishing, edging and quality control. The Mantero 1902 Archive is considered one of the world’s richest and most extraordinary textile archives. It contains more than 10,000 books, 60,000 scarfs, thousands of hand-drawn designs stored by subject, test papers, prints on fabric, joint fabrics and jacquard from the most prestigious fashion houses. With the acquisition of French, British, German and American textile archives, the Mantero 1902 archive is priceless.

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