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All our garments are made in Italy from the fabrics we use to the production process we love to guarantee high quality standards to our customers. In Panarehi they take care of our planet: from the production process to the materials that we use. Energy saving, reduction of water consumption and waste produced are just some of the objectives on which we constantly work. They respect rigorous sustainability standards, ethical and social protocols. Exclusive handmade prints. Panarehi is a fantasy island that doesn’t exist. Panarehi smells like sea salt, fragrant flowers and the windblowing in your hair. Each model has the name of an island and each print or color recalls exotic elements that immediately make you feel like you’re in a distant and magical place. Panarehi was conceived from a need to revisit the timeless pareo in a fun, versatile and elegant way.  The brand, created by Serena La Rosa, a native islander, reinterprets the traditional pareo and seeks to break away from the idea that it can only be worn on holiday. Panarehi is born from her personal need to wear non-transparent and versatile pareos. She works in luxury since years, between Paris an Milan, for the biggest fashion brands as Merchandiser. 

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