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Qollezione is conceived as a series of independent capsule collections of five pieces each, interpreting the aesthetics of circumscribed geographies. The traditions of South Tyrol are the deep, sentimental and meaningful inspiration. Fascinated by the longevity of ritualistic patterns of behaviour and immersed in the fabric of thought handed down to them from the past, Anna and Fabio transpose the cyclicality of farming through the seasonality of fashion by turning sowing into sewing. Each piece is conceived for women willing to build a magical encyclopedia of memories and a personal collection of redesigned traditions. The “Q_03 blauer Schurz” collection is inspired by the bright blue apron traditionally worn by South Tyrolean farmers. Taking its cue from the role of the Schurz as a garment of the mind rather than the body, Qollezione’s blue pieces, designed in South Tyrol and entirely made in Italy, reinvent the linearity of the traditional apron. Characterised by the iconic blue colour, every piece in the collection is one size and has a unique durability. Over time, cloth adapts itself to the shapes of the body it clothes, as a second skin it sloughs off colour and changes in shade, only to rise from tradition to contemporary eternity.

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