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Stephan Janson is a French designer, born in Provence, and graduated from the “Ecole de la Haute Couture Parisienne”, which has collaborated with important names such as Kenzo, Yves Saint Laurent e Diane Von Furstenberg. In 1986, he arrived in Milan where he founded his brand. The designer proposes a classy fashion, elegant and timeless, for everyone that wants a garment to wear even after several years from the purchase. From the creative work, joyful and slightly childlike, of Stephan Janson, dresses with flowing lines, comfortable and seductive, come alive. Stephan favours natural and colourful fabrics, such as cashmere, jersey linen, wool, silk and cotton, enriched with prints, patterns and lines or dyed with shades inspired by wild flora, sunflowers and Matisse’s brush strokes. Eclectic dresses, fluttering chiffon gowns, pied-de-poule pants, long skirts, kimono sleeves, long dresses with deep necklines on the back and flat sandals, state Janson’s willing to free the wardrobe from aesthetic norms.

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