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Vernisse is a contemporary luxury brand founded in 2019 to celebrate bespoke garments and vintage fabrics.

The designers, Francesca and Eugenia collect fabrics, trimmings and objects from the past, collaborating with antique and vintage dealers around Italy and Europe to create unique pieces of their kind.

They strongly believe in the power of sustainability and the circular economy, preferring quality over quantity. This way of thinking accompanies every step in the life of the product, from design to production.

Vernisse’s commitment is to give new life to vintage, antique and unused luxury fabrics by collaborating with selected textile companies that provide access to precious leftovers from previous productions, available in limited quantities. Vernisse mainly uses the finest natural fibers from pure silk to wool, from velvet to cotton and linen, according to seasonal requests.

Each Vernisse garment has a timeless and Made in Italy soul. The philosophy of the brand is to create garments that can be handed down from generation to generation, far from the usual trends.


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