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Virtuosa Muse is a hand-made blouse label which revives the artisanal skills and exquisite tailoring craftsmanship of the Puglia region in the south of Italy. We value the traditional hand cut and sew method, cucito a mano, handed down through time. Our blouses are cut and sewn by hand  by our Virtuose artisans. Handsewing silk fabrics requires great expertise which is what makes our niche brand so precious. The silk comes from the finest silk mills in the Como region. Virtuosa Muse blouses are designed with sartorial simplicity and lasting appeal in mind for discerning clients who appreciate artisans’ work. Our blouses, inspired by classic tailoring, have an understated aesthetic which emphasizes the rarity of hand-made finishings, buttons and buttonholes. We aim to preserve the heritage of this craftsmanship for future generations and the exquisite artisans’ work, whose dignity is rooted in our core values. 


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