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Blue of a kind is a high-end Italian fashion studio with focus on SUSTAINABILITY. We work with “everything existing”: we make clothes exclusively from existing garments and leftover textile. Nothing has been made specifically for our products. Blue of a kind is meant to be not just a fashion company, rather a community built around an idea. The blue of a kind project has been primarily conceived and created in a post-modern cultural sphere, with the vision to define a new standard in 21 century’s fashion. We believe in the possibility to reconcile uncompromised style, contemporary fit and products with a valuable heritage, together with a sustainable production process. For this reason, all of our products are made exclusively from vintage products handcrafted with the use of leftovers and surplus. That’s our approach to “chic” in the contemporary age, mixing street-fashion and vintage to create a new, effortless and relaxed way to luxury. They have a simple and disruptive receipt for contemporary fashion: applying traditional Italian sartorial expertise and contemporary cutting-edge design to existing products. Each and any blue of a kind garment is (re)crafted in our plants, a bunch of kilometers from Milan. Their production process is one of a kind: instead of specially-made fabric, our raw material are high quality vintage garments. we source them between France and Italy, ship them to our plant where they are completely taken apart at the seams, each piece refitted and then sewed back together on the basis of new, contemporary and beautiful styles. Every single process is hand-made. They believe in the power of stories, that more than anything else make us human. That’s why we supremely value the heritage of vintage clothes, as their breakage and repairs are part of the beauty and story of that specific object rather that something to disguise. That’s ultimately why all of our garments are unique, each uniquely numbered: one of a kind.

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