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Carlotta Canepa creates her collections starting from a wide research on precious and qualitative fabrics. The relationship with exclusive materials resides in her family’s DNA. Her family business, Canepa Spa, founded by her grandfather in 1966, it’s a worldwide leader for the production of silk of the highest quality, boasting a solid textile tradition. Thus, soul of the brand is certainly the materials used, some directly created by the designer, others retrieved by historic archives of the textile company created by her family. A priceless heritage which is constantly reinterpreted with a contemporary fashion concept, which with its romantic and funny mix of prints and materials creates an original yet sophisticated finish. Some of the styles are always present in every season’s collection: cabans, wide skirts and silk blouses. The production is entirely Made in Italy, the couture stamp matches a “green soul”, here the excellent quality join an important ethic value. For thee designer the aspect of sustainable fashion is very important. Many of her materials are produced with Kitotex® SAVEtheWATER®, which allows a free micro plastic production, together with huge savings of water and electricity and the complete elimination of harmful substances.


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