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Italian sartorial savoir faire, the best silks from Como, a classic elegance revisited with a fresh and feminine eye. Chiara Bloom creates handmade shirts, in precious Italian silk, combining careful research into silhouettes and cuts with a young and avant-garde spirit. Chiara Bloom is a young brand at 0 Km (tailors, silk factories and button factories are all in the Lombard-Emilian area), that starting from research and vintage, it takes with inspiration some cornerstones of the shirts for women: from the ruffle to the Korean collar, up to the pijama style. Explosions of colours, almost an inner garden to be cultivated with joy, mixed with sober shades of grey, dusty blue and milky white; pleasant tie patterns in contrast with neo-romantic ruffles, in a game of aesthetic references that draws on the heritage of beautiful Italian dress. Not surprisingly, the idea of shirt for Chiara Federici, designer from Rome and founder of Chiara Bloom it is linked to a fond memory: the one about her grandmother, who wore it also when she pruned roses in the garden. Her elegance was without compromises, pure and graceful, of a real Italian woman. Chiara Bloom is a brand just bloomed in the panorama of the Made in Italy and of luxury craftsmanship, but it already boasts many admirers: cosmopolitan young women, educated and lively, who have rediscovered the essential value of such a particular garment as the shirt: very difficult to “build” for its delicate balance of proportions, but unattainable in terms of style. Seductive but never showy, Chiara Bloom creations embody a conscious and smiling femininity. And with their workmanlike manner packaging they give that sense of ease and comfort that today’s women require and appreciate.
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