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Free explorers, guardians of loyalty, accomplices of living, dépêche-toi was born for you. Designed for real life, a travel companion no matter the destination, it is an invitation to take action, to live your story, to live it as the main character while
respecting our home: planet Earth. Born in October 2021 in one of the oldest and most known textile districts from an idea of Ottavia Narsi, great travel enthusiast, Dépêche-toi has a 100% recycled DNA just like the fabrics it uses for its collections. The skillful Tuscan mastery guarantees excellent quality and tailoring, creating genderless garments with a soft fit for women and a leaner one for men.
The hand-customizable label completes the stylistic code of a garments as unique as those who own them, witnesses of new daily chapters of a story to be lived as the main characters.

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