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A creative urgency that moves from a nostalgia of what does not exist, no more or not yet, in order to imagine the future of one of the most fascinating and complex values of popular culture. Defining glamour is impossible: it would harness it, limiting its value and neutralizing its strength. Edoardo Gallorini – Venezia proposes to present its own interpretation of the concept, between the recovery of iconic atmospheres and the reflection on new cults, with the aim of restoring a fascinating style, in its contemporary content as well as in its history and value. Glamour – the spell that gives substance to a desire still unconscious or unexpressed, but suddenly burning – is the key concept from which the brand starts and continuously returns to. Designs that unravel all the different meanings, in a material and imaginative way, through cuts and constructions, prints and graphic experiments, details that induce gestures, measured attentions and malice, daily and exceptional choices. Elegant harmony almost poisoned by conscious fractures, typical of an attitude that from the more traditional elegance turns either to the crawling, erotic bourgeois boredom, or to the deeply superficial camp attitude. Venice is central, both as a place – the production develops in the areas adjacent to the lagoon, exceptional for the quality of the materials and the wisdom in turning them into precious objects – and as an ideal. Venice is a reflective surface: a mirror of water that transfigures the noble and aristocratic atmospheres of the past; cradling them in its continuous rocking, it strips them of their own time and covers them with a patina of enchantment. Home to a nonconforming charm, very open to influences and still so sure of its identity to appear almost immutable and timeless: unmistakably Italian. The declaration of love and belonging to Venice begins in the logo of the brand, which borrows the graphic language of the “nizioeti”, the Venetian road signs “sewn” to the walls of the city like the refined labels of a sophisticated dress.

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