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Favette was born from an all-female team that wants to combine Italian craftsmanship excellence with the search for a sophisticated but irreverent beauty, free from conventions, not constrained by temporary fashions. Favette reworks the idea of ​​pajamas, creating a collection of luxury leisurewear with a blazer jacket and soft trousers to be worn with irony and lightness at home and outside, designed and made in Rome with passion. Our ambition is to contribute to the growth of a small community of women who want to play with themselves, support each other, be bold, choosing ironic and eclectic garments to be interpreted freely. “We believe in beauty as an ethical as well as an aesthetic value. A free beauty, not forced into temporary fashions, but which gives balance and value to oneself and to others. We believe in the power of ideas, in the freedom of choice and in the ability to dare, without age or physicality limits. We have a vivid passion for heroines, courageous women in any field and era, for contemporary art and design. We believe in the power of colors and in the innovative research that comes from tradition. “Favette was born from this original synthesis, using only fine Italian fabrics (tencel and magnificent silk), produced in the Como laboratories of excellence and handcrafted finished by Roman tailoring laboratories. With extreme attention to detail, conscious choices and waste reduction: this is why we mainly produce made to order, customizing the garments according to the personality of the wearer.

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