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Feel me Fab began from an object, a grandmother’s pareo, examined more closely, with the unconscious intent to transform it into an amulet for a generation of women (a friend, a mother, her daughters). The spontaneity of finding that pareo tucked in a drawer is the beginning of a story of femininity, of intimacy, of sisterhood. It is from two women, friends and partners in crime, that this adventure was born. The body is celebrated, caressed, discovered, even though we have known it forever. But perhaps we have never truly seen this body. Feel me Fab swimsuits were created to rediscover our bodies, to catch a glimpse of a more romantic past through retro fabrics, to reveal a future that can be created in sinuous and powerful lines. It is designed for women who search for that object from a past that is essential, inherited, awaited, and comfortable like a swimsuit that invites us to a new adventure. Without ever renouncing who we are.

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