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 They believe in the resurrection of a bespoke tailoring experience that brings you perfectly cut garments and high quality materials. With this in mind, they opened their first Roman Atelier in Rome offering bespoke creations. From February 2022 they are also present in Paris with a Showroom in the heart of the Marais. Every idea, design or garment they create is made in a responsible way and is respectful of the environment in which it occurs. This is possible thanks to their practices of:
1. Buy fabrics from dead Italian suppliers that would otherwise be thrown away
2. Reduce waste by working to order instead of producing an entire collection
3. Recover the excess fabric and turn it into gold using it for collars, pockets and details of new pieces. When leftovers are too small, they end up being the stuffing of their limited edition pillows.
4. Offer an upcycling service to turn your unworn item into a new one.
A number of limited edition creations are featured on the platform and are made to order. A Le Tre Sarte do not produce fashion as you know it.
Handicrafts: They believe that offering handcrafted pieces contributes to the empowerment and preservation of exceptional craftsmanship. Some artisans become their partners, others collaborate with us. Either way, they are at the heart of what we do.
Sustainability: Their low-stock-to-order philosophy allows them to produce only what is really needed, with no waste. Most of their production is made up of waste material.
Democrats: We believe that if we are to fight fast fashion, handcrafted and sustainable pieces don’t have to be exclusive. Their approach to manufacturing allows them to offer high quality handcrafted products while keeping prices lower than traditional retail offerings.

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