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Loretta Caponi began to embroider when she was just nine years old and opened her first store in Florence in 1967. Accruing international fame, the company has made silk nightwear for jet-set clients and royalty alike. Caponi’s artistic sensibility is influenced by Florentine culture, and all pieces are made entirely by hand in Italy using artisan techniques. For over 40 years, Loretta Caponi has sogned linens for monarchs such as bed sets for Lady Diana and Prince Charles, and for magnates from all over the world, such as Rockefeller, Kennedy, Schlesinger and Mrs Kissinger. Loretta Caponi’s brand offer more than 10,000 drawings of tableclothes, towels, bed sets, pillows and tailored lingerie made of silk, for women and kids: a production entirely made in Italy. A collection of garments tailored with the traditional techniques, using only precious silks, with refined embroideries for a very elegant finish.

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