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Poupine was born from the creativity and passion of two young women from Rome: Francesca Romana Paciaroni and Francesca Petaccia. Passionate for fashion and lifestyle since the early age, they felt the desire to create an original garment, feminine and elegant: a skirt, long and made of tartan, a piece which reminds us the old kilt skirt, the one worn with knee-length socks and shoes as children. These skirts are all handmade, custom-made to order, available in many different shades and fabrics, directly sourced from the Scottish Highlands and designed from the classic “checked” sketch. The models offered are perfect for every style, from the gipsy to the super chic, and fit any kind of body shape, enhancing the silhouette and making it unique. The Poupines are not only skirts, they are the mood of a day in which you want to feel special.

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