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Bolamì is world where the small details make all the differenze, everything is infused with feelings and the quality is translated into beauty.The attention to details, combined with the great knowledge of the sector, characterizes our workforce. Every bathing suit is a creation that can be personalized and mixed and matched to reflect the soul of the wearer. The Alba line fully embodies this creativity and exclusivity, including one-off pieces custom handmade. All Bolamì’s collections are 100% Italian, from the materials to the manufacture. The jerseys, lycras and materials are made between Como and Tuscany, featuring colours, prints and working methods that are exclusive to the brand. Every piece passes through the expert hands of seamstresses who, along with Michela, work in the production facility in the hills of Emilia. In fact, the brand is headquartered in Bologna where Michela came back after a few years spent working in different companies in the industry throughout Italy. The name of the brand is the result of combining Michela’s name with the name of her city, as a way of retracing and remembering the steps she’s taken.

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