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Everything started in 1920, when an engraver, scholar of the Academy of Brera and worker at the Miracoli company in Milan, decided to quit to start an adventure with his sister… Bologna was their destination. The artist’s name was Alessandro Corradini. In the same year he opened a shop in via Rialto 27 and thanks to his entrepreneurial skills he was able to get recognition in Italy and abroad, winning several awards and recognition. Master Corradini, then offered a job to young people who learnt this art and he finally started his own brand. Among his student we find: Mengoli, a jeweller, Gardesani, Scanabissi specialised in crockery, Reina working on chandeliers, Sisini, Ferri and many others. Today, after more than 90 years, the company still exists and it is now managed by the third generation, still in the same historic location.

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