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Tonatto Profumi is a Turin based perfume maison specialized in bespoke olfactory portraits and unique creations for the body and home. A selection of Tonatto’s most iconic slow perfumery products that combine Italian creativity to ancient perfumery techniques. Every drop tells a story with its refined olfactory symbolism and is loved from beginning to end, we make sure not to stress the raw materials giving them time to get acquainted into bottle, so that when they reach you, your skin or home our scented drops are the best they can be. At Tonatto we emphasize the ritualistic gesture of the olfactory experience by offering not just unique scents but also unique design, like the vintage pump or the glass applicator of Estratto, that invite to take the time to enjoy and benefit from the olfactory experience. Not a fast perfuming concept, rather the opposite at Tonatto. With our scented antidotes to modernity’s stressful life we aim to set the Proust effect free in you.

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