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After an experience in ancient jewelry for one and in organizing events for the other, linked by the common passion for beauty and jewelry, Federica e Simonetta opened their own shop in 2005: this is how Crepundia Gioielli Contemporanei was born. The name inherited from the Latin means “small precious object” and in ancient Rome crepundia were small trinkets in gold that were given to children as a good luck charms. Crepundia expresses a concept of original, non-traditional jewelry, handcrafted with all the skills and practices of the top Italian tradition. All jewels are handmade. Suitable for modern and practical women, who want to wear their jewelry always, every day, not just for special occasions. They are discreet accessories but with character, which enhance the figure without overwhelming it. The goldsmiths’ workshops are located in Florence, in the historic Palazzo degli Orafi next to Ponte Vecchio; in Bologna, there is the pluri-generational tradition workshop; in Milan, especially for the processing of bronze and brass.

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