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Shirts, shirts, shirts Shirts as main characters. Pina G is a project not linked to trends. It is born from the passion of Pina Gandolfi, a journalist, creative director and fashion editor, who has always loved, worn and collected shirts. As she believes that “wearing a shirt can change your attitude, your behaviour and self confidence”. Eight shirts with their own proper name and a story to tell and to be listened to. All inspired by meetings, flashes of inspiration, landscapes, loves. The biggest one for her daughter Amina who is in charge of the image of the collection. Our collection is handicraft produced by the Cooperativa Alice, a beautiful organization that for nearly thirty years has taken care of the social integration of women in difficulties, teaching them the Italian sartorial art and giving them back dignity through the knowledge of an ancient craft that allows them to cut loose from the social stigma and takes them back into the world of work making them independent. We believe in style beyond trends Pina G is a collection that does not follow the fashion calendars. It is made up of beautiful garments, thought to go beyond Sea- sons, to last over time. They are objects of desire and they are “forever”. We believe in lightness In front of a more and more complex world, we try to face every commitment in life with passion, lightness, irony and fluidity. We believe in shirts Masculine, feminine, unisex. Shirts are our focus. They are the most versatile garment in the wardrobe, combinable forever more, for every occasion and every style. We believe in garments that tell stories Every shirt in our collection has a story to tell: it is born from the meeting, real or imaginary, between Pina G and her myths. Carlo Mollino, Lee Miller, Coco Chanel, Jacque Henri Lartigue, and many more, have inspired Pina Gandolfi’s work through the years. Today this deep bond takes a concrete shape in each piece, lives in the weave of the fabrics, welds in the handmade stitching. We believe in the well made things. Our garments are made with handcrafted techniques, in respect of the Italian sartorial tradition. Care and attention to details are our main quality. For this reason our items are made in Milan in exclusive artisan workshops. We believe in environmental sustainability. Through an accurate research, we select the highest quality fabrics surplus, often discarded by the big fashion firms as they cannot be anymore used in their production cycle. A new life is given to these excellent fabrics and by using them to make our items, we give our small contribution to make the fashion industry more sustainable. Furthermore, our collection, with its pieces made to last over time, wants to suggest a new way of consuming with responsibility: our planet cannot bare anymore the weight of a spasmodic consumption, pushed by the constant succession of new trends. It is then necessary to buy less, and to buy better. We believe in the right to feel beautiful in our own body. There is no age or physical limit in the desire to feel beautiful and sensual in our own body. Let’s abandon the social and personal conditionings. Let’s love ourselves, let’s appreciate ourselves for who we are, for how we look and for all we do for ourselves and for the people around us. Let’s grant ourselves a prize, we deserve it

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