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Shop a curated collection of garments from Madame Pauline Vintage, the famous Milanese vintage fashion shop, proposing a romantic and floral selection through a virtual online pop-up. The photoshoot merges the beauty of fashion and nature together, also providing a further “green” aspect of sustainability as the fashion world starts to recognize that repurposing clothes from the past is a better practice towards more mindful consumption. In Milan, this vintage shop also evokes a historical allure: positioned in the heart of the city at Foro Buonaparte 74, not far from Brera, Madame Pauline Vintage takes the name of Napoleon’s sister, Paolina Buonaparte. It is no coincidence that the intense colors of the boutique’s décor is inspired by the interiors of the film The Women of the Sixth Floor, set in mid-twentieth century Paris. From the past century to the present, the splendid selection of clothes, bijoux and accessories curated by the three members of the Madame Pauline Vintage team, lead by Alessandro, who day after day carefully selects pieces aligned with the unique style of the boutique. A few examples: evening dresses and contemporary pieces by iconic labels such as Valentino, Hermès, Yves Saint Laurent and Prada, but also rare unsigned items from past decades. The result is eye-catching floral folk style … which is transmitted also through The Dressing Screen.

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