MONICA GASPERINI – Côte D’Azur screen

The shape of this screen seems to represent a set of staggered tree trunks that grow and continue to green. The petrol lacquer base appears to be planted on the ground and interrupted only by the ring that connect the trunk and its flowering. The ring, which symbolizes ancient and precious meanings, is the connection between the earth and the sky. From the circle starts the movement of the fabric and its decoration in shades of petrol, and sand. The columns pictured in the papyrus of the ancient Egyptians and the bracelets always present in the robes led Monica Gasperini to the creation of this object.


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Material: Laquered wood 100% natural paint,
Fabric 100% natural: 75% cotton 25% silk
Metal: Brass
Care instructions: for cleaning use delicate products
Handmade in Italy


Height: 210 cm
Depth: 15 cm
Length: 120 cm


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