The Dressing Screen is a unique e-commerce that links consumers worldwide with fashions and accessories made with the high-end, artisanal practises that have been sought after for centuries. A digital road trip around the Italian peninsula, our website is a window into some of the most exclusive workshops and ateliers, where things are made with pride.

Our name, The Dressing Screen symbolizes the joy of changing ones look, using fashion to enhance one’s life as a tangible art form. The Dressing Screen, inspired by the decorative, classic symbol that accompanies the utterly personal yet intriguing moment one undresses or changes their ensemble. It is a vestige of the past that has been embraced anew today, among women who long to connect with their ultra feminine side.

The Dressing Screen is also a piece that calls to mind the spirit of the ateliers of the past and the nostalgia of a vintage-era workshop, both of which are at the heart of TDS. With a great sense of curated research, our aim is to innoble the art of Italian handmade craftsmanship and render it accessible to everyone, through a virtual window display dedicated to the uniqueness of Made in Italy.


Italian know-how and a love for fashion are at the heart of The Dressing Screen.  The fruit of a quest to discover the most prestigious Italian boutiques, bottegas and hidden gems, it is above all the product of passion and a deep friendship between two Bologna natives Claudia and Stefania. By chance, the two met in 2006, about 6,000 miles away from home, in Los Angeles. Despite their completely different backgrounds – Claudia from the world of economics and Stefania, from the digital world of fashion merchandising – their bond deepened even further, when they both moved back to Italy and started their families.

Since then, they have built many more memories through their travels, exchanging their favourite brands and the exclusive ateliers that are at the heart of their own, unique wardrobes.“We realized we knew of designers and hidden spots that had been recommended to us by common friends. We aim to share the uniqueness, the warmth, and the essence of these brands with the world and render these exquisite Italian creations available to everyone.”

Celebrated items like Sardinian wedding rings, Sicilian basket bags and Venetian “friulane” slippers are just a few of the unique creations can be found on The Dressing Screen: a name that is derived from the separès that have been used in intimate dressing rooms and ateliers for centuries.