“Always open to curiosity and new ideas, we are inspired by everything around us: travel, the web, chance encounters and, of course Bologna, our much-loved hometown where all this began.”

Claudia and Stefania have a true passion for what they do: every article of clothing and collaboration is carefully selected through searching Italy’s best undiscovered boutiques that they’ve visited over the years. Their search has been driven by their passion for fashion,  where everything started. The Dressing Screen is an online platform that offers a selection of timeless classic products across the International market. Coming from a sartorial world, these artisan products are uniquely authentic and renowned for their high quality material.

“All products sold by The Dressing Screen are personally chosen according to our own taste and come from some of the most renowned and prestigious Italian boutiques. Our idea is to bring the essence and exclusivity of these boutiques online, preserving their artisan heritage whilst introducing them to the world.
We strive to be an exclusive and international point of reference in the fashion and design sector, selecting only high quality clothing and accessories of Italian excellence. Our philosophy is to only sell what we love:  #somethingwelove

In this way, unique Made in Italy items from small shops and niche design studios are given visibility at an international level through our technology, e-commerce, and digital catologs.

The name

“ The name ‘The Dressing Screen’ came from a research trip to a boutique and former fashion house. In addition to their unique products and peculiar furniture, there was an element that kept catching our eye: the screens, which were once used instead of the traditional changing rooms. Each one different in material and form, characterised by clear graphics and materials … each one was a real work of art. We were completely fascinated and our name was born: The Dressing Screen